Charitable foundation

Women of Woodside, Inc. makes helping our neighbors even easier.

Women of Woodside (W.O.W.) is an IRS-designated 501(c)(4) social and welfare group.  Since it’s inception, W.O.W. has generated and returned back to the Aiken community nearly $1.8 million through a variety of fundraising initiatives.

What we do

W.O.W. is pleased to announce that  IRS 501(c)(3) designation was received in May of 2021 for the Women of Woodside Charitable Foundation, Inc.  The mission of the parent organization – Women of Woodside, Inc. – remains unchanged – to support the local community by fund-raising and other volunteer activity.  The addition of the Charitable Foundation enables W.O.W. to broaden its ability to serve the local community by affording potential donors an increased opportunity to give.  

who we are

The Board of The Foundation are as follows: 

Kathleen Bennett, President

Julie Brozowski, Secretary

Margie Robertson, Treasurer