Social Activities

Scheduled for 2024 

Contact:  Lynn Burkes or Lynda Mann

The Supper Club is easy entertaining designed to expand your circle of friends and strengthen our community through shared meals.  Centered around an annual theme, Supper Club groups meet four times a year with a total of four couples randomly assigned.  The designated host will bring together their assigned group to bring prepared dishes that the Supper Club Committee has previously tested, ensuring the recipe is easy to follow and all ingredients are readily available.  At each dinner, participants will bring a different part of the meal along with wine to share. The recipes are compiled into a recipe book published annually with contact and other needed information about Supper Club.  The dinners are scheduled to be held four times annually.  No formal cooking education is required.

We hope to spark your own creativity and help make lasting friendships.  For more details or if you are interested in being on the committee, please contact Lynn Burkes or Lynda Mann

Contact: Chris Bell

Do you like to try different varietals of wine and/or bourbon and socialize with neighbors? Then the Wine and Bourbon Groups are the perfect activity for you. Learn more about wines and/or bourbons while meeting new people and best of all, tasting new wines and/or bourbons. Wine / Bourbon Groups generally meet monthly at the homes of group members, with each member taking a turn at hosting.

Each group decides on the meeting date and how they wish to run their group. Groups typically consist of 16 to 20 people, but some groups prefer to stay small with only 6 to 8 members.

During a typical wine and/or bourbon tasting, the host buys the liquors and decides on the theme (Italian, French, a specific varietal, blind tasting, etc.) and they also prepare light hors d’oeuvres. The group then reimburses the host for the liquor cost. However, other groups are set up so that each member brings a wine or bourbon to taste, usually based on a theme. Most members like to learn something new about the wines and/or bourbons.

All women must be members of W.O.W. but spouses may join the group. Singles are welcome and encouraged to also participate.

Chris Bell is glad to meet with those who are interested in forming a group and to help you get started.

Contact: Kathy Rachick

The Singles’ Group is open to any single woman who is a member of WOW. Our mission is purely social. We have three general meetings a year held in September, January and April.

Also offered are monthly activities including Hand and Foot, Mexican Train, Bridge and Mahjong. Additionally, we plan a variety of overnight trips, theatrical performances, cruise offerings and holiday celebrations.

We always welcome new members.

Contact: Susan Phillips or Delores Chantra

Join us as we explore different sights and eat in new restaurants within the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).  Past outings have included a luncheon at Green Boundary Club, making chocolate at Agape Chocolates in Graniteville, attending a talk at Aiken Historical Museum followed by lunch at Betsy’s, flower arranging at the home farm of Katherine’s by Design, Augusta Canal Boat Ride followed by lunch at the Pinnacle Club and celebrating the holidays with lunch at Casa Bella to name a few….

Several weeks before an event, we send out emails to all those who have signed up for the Women of Woodside’s OTLB (Out To Lunch Bunch) email list, giving details of the upcoming event.  Those members interested in attending sign up with the co-chairs. If you are interested in this activity and want to be included on our email list, please contact either Susan Phillips or Delores Chantra.

Contact:  Gloria Supansic

Scheduled for November 2024

Contact: Daria Carney or Judy Miller

This is an emotional support group for all W.O.W. members who are also caregivers to someone suffering from Alzheimer’s/Dementia.

We meet once a month at different restaurants in the area to eat, drink and socialize together as a group of women who totally understand what we are each going through. We create a safe and non-judgmental environment where caregivers can talk about the fear, loss, frustration and loneliness one feels when looking after a loved one with this difficult disease.

Through our meetings we find that we are often great resources for each other, many of us having gone through the same situations. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Daria Carney or Judy Miller.

Contact: Lori Gardner

The W.O.W. Book Clubs provide an opportunity for W.O.W. members to expand their reading selections to journey to new places and times in the company of fellow enthusiastic readers. Lively discussions provide the chance to see a book through different perspectives, and thus, enhance the reading experience.

Book clubs typically have 12 or fewer members to allow for meetings in intimate surroundings such as members’ homes so that the members not only share their thoughts about the book being discussed but also establish friendships that last for many years.

Currently there are twenty active W.O.W. Book Clubs. A sizeable number of those book clubs are traditional book clubs in that they discuss an eclectic range of books recommended by their members. The others are themed book clubs focused on select authors, genre, or topics such as mysteries, United States history, and Southern authors/locales.

In addition, special activities that allow fellowship among the members from different W.O.W. Book Clubs are offered such as an annual lunch for W.O.W. Book Clubs members. 

If you love books and want to meet fellow bibliophiles, contact Lori Gardner